Exclusive Martial Arts

Bainbridge Island
Kitsap Peninsula
Greater Seattle Area

Murakumo ryugi Budo is a composite
martial way synthesizing classical
Japanese martial arts & ways with
combatives, other martial arts,
avant-garde performing ar
ts, and modern
teaching/learning modalities.

We provide an exclusive experience for
our clients in their own facilities,
residences, or other local venues.  Our
coaching & curriculum benefits anyone
interested with Improvement Through
Movement or involved with activities
such as: Martial Arts & Combatives,
Fitness & Health, Self-Protection &
Defense, Athletics & Sports, Improved
Mobility, Performing Arts, and Personal
Growth & Transformation.

The philosophy underlying Murakumo
ryugi Budo is significantly influenced by
the teachings of the founder of Aikido
who we call O'Sensei.
Dragon King image, O'Sensei is also known as the "Dragon
King" (Ame no Murakumo Kuki Samu Hara Ryu O O Kami)
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   Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial way that originated during WWII.  
The founder of Aikido was born Ueshiba, Morihei.  O'Sensei also had a Shinto
name, Ame no Murakumo Kuki Samu Hara Ryu O O Kami, or the Dragon
King.  A phrase from this Shinto name,"Murakumo", means billowing (many)
clouds.  The term Mura is also short for murasaki (purple).  This is the term
used for the name of our dojo, "Purple Clouds Dojo".  The students
experience traditional Japanese etiquette, language, and supplemental arts.  In
addition, a conscious effort to transform the practitioner via integration and
resonance of energy centers (Head, Heart, & Belly) is applied.  This results in
the capacity to channel "Ki" (Life Energy) and "Kokyu" (Cosmic Breath) into
the forms of Aikido and ultimately life's daily activities