Dojo Philosophy & Training
  Although we appreciate and dedicate
time to the supplemental subjects
surrounding Murakumo ryugi Budo it
does not distract us from our core
training.  99% of our energy in training
is spent with the practice of traditional
techniques to inculcate and experience
the elusive power of aiki in our bodies.  
O'sensei said that "The secret of Aikido
is practice".  That practice can vary
from the physically rigorous to subtle  
kinesthetic awareness.  We use
weapons, open hands, breath,
relaxation, sweat, joy, excellence,
struggle, and experience a whole range
of emotions and motivations.  In the
end we keep coming back because at
the core of this wonderful art are
universal truths that touch us and a
message of oneness that whispers to us.
top to bottom: bo, jo, suburito, leather-wrapped shinai, shinai, shinken, bokken,
wakizashii-bokken, tanto
  The weapons that may be used for Murakumo ryugi Budo training, and may
be seen in most Aikido dojo are a small number.  Usually only the bokken, jo,
and tanto are ever utilized.  Although, other weapons have traditionally been
used.  These include: the bo (which is a substitute for yari (spear)), the
suburito (a heavy bokken), shinai (bamboo fencing swords), wakizashii-bokken
(short wooden sword), and shinken (live blades).  Also, the sensu/tessen
(Japanese fan) has been used to illustrate angles of entry and the grace with
which one can deal with attacks.