Game Nation adds five new adult gaming centres

Game Nation adds five new adult gaming centres

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Game Nation, the third largest high street slots operator in the UK, has added five new venues to its growing portfolio.

The latest include the company’s first locations in Birmingham, England’s second largest city, at Kings Heath and the Harry’s Amusements site at Yardley. In the next couple of weeks they will be joined by another in the Birmingham area, at Bearwood. Two other new locations have opened at Derby and at Brixton in London.

The company, founded three years ago, has either acquired or opened 60 AGCs across the UK. The company said this week that its objective now is to modernise the gaming environment for its customers and act as a much-needed stimulant to the local economy, investing money into the often vacant high street premises and providing valuable employment to over 450 people.

CEO Adam Hodges said: “Our unique approach means that unlike many other venues, our sites will all have a modern, open-plan layouts, free refreshments and friendly staff on the shop floor rather than behind a kiosk and this has been received very well by our existing customers. Game Nation is already well known in London and we are pleased to add further venues in these areas as well as bringing this new standard of high street adult entertainment to Birmingham for the first time.”

Game Nation has a number of additional sites in the pipeline for throughout 2022, including further expansion in the Midlands region as well as into the North West of England.

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