No mask needed in Nevada casinos

No mask needed in Nevada casinos

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No mask needed in Nevada casinos since the Governor Steve Sisolak has announced the immediate end of Nevada’s indoor mask mandate.
Nevada casinos welcome end of face mask mandate.

Things are starting to get back to normal in Nevada casinos. Yesterday, governor Steve Sisolak announced that the state will no longer require face coverings in gaming venues or other indoor public places. The change is effective immediately.

Shortly after Sisolak’s press conference, Nevada Gaming Control Board chairman Brin Gibson issued a notice to Las Vegas casinos.

“Pursuant to governor Sisolak’s Emergency Directive 052, effective immediately, individuals are no longer required to wear a mask in public indoor settings in licensed gaming establishments, unless a local jurisdiction still imposes such a requirement,” Gibson said. “If a licensee is subject to a local jurisdiction’s requirement relating to masks, the Board expects full compliance from the licensee.”

Sisolak warned: “I want to be clear, the emergency is not over.” And he added: “The pandemic is not over. We’re still getting far too many cases, far too many hospitalizations, and far too many deaths.”

“I’m hopeful and confident, based on the data we have, we are in a good position to drop this and to give people back some freedom. Everyone wants to get back to their normal life … I mean, it’s been two years. I think the time has come,” the governor said.

The end of the mask mandate is welcome news to Las Vegas casinos. Despite record gaming revenues, during Q4 earnings calls casino executives said the mask mandate had kept some visitors from returning to Las Vegas.

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