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Frank Shamrock is a 5-time UFC world
champion, and holds many other
prestigious titles as well.
Colonel Mikhail Ryabko (SPETSNAZ special
rank of general).  He is the founder of Systema,
the combat system used by the elite Russian
special forces (and elements of GRU)
Jack Wada sensei (6th dan) is the
dojo cho of Aikido of San Jose
Vladimir Vasiliev, SPETSNAZ operator,
and Konstantin.  Vladimir is the star
of SPETSNAZ with over 10 years of
successful covert assignments
Lewis Clark is the Chief Instructor
at Kitsap Aikido
Nihongo sensei Mizushima,
Toyoko sharing kendo culture
with nihongo children's class
Koichi Ideta Barrish sensei is the soke
of Ideta ryu Aikido, and is the Guji of
Tsubaki America Grand Shrine