Superbet aims to grow in Europe and Canada and later in the US and Asia

Superbet aims to grow in Europe and Canada and later in the US and Asia

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Superbet Holding SA has ambitious plans to build a global presence after its core business doubled in size last year amid a wave of online gambling during the coronavirus pandemic.

An article on Superbet Holding SA appeared on on Wednesday, which you can read in its original format right from HERE.

Superbet, backed by Blackstone Inc. from 2019, it intends to expand to Europe and Canada in the short term, CEO Johnny Hartnett said in an interview. Longer-term plans include launching operations in the US as well as in Asian markets, the article on Bloomberg said.

Johnny Hartnett does not expect Superbet Holding SA to take on “much more funding to meet our growth ambitions.” If new funding is needed, Blackstone can help. Eventually, the company could sell shares in an initial public offering (IPO), he said.

“We have a kind of open mission about what the next stage of our capital structure looks like, and indeed what we’re trying to do is focus on raising the top line and make sure the business stays healthy and profitable.” Johnny Hartnett was quoted as saying at the end of the mentioned article from Bloomberg.

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